This was a first for me!

Back story! About a month ago this mom contacted me wanting me to do her fresh 48 session (a session, in the hospital, within 48 hours of birth). Her main goal was to capture photos of big sister meeting new baby brother for the first time. I told her I’d never done one, but would love to! Unfortunately, I was going to be away for the weekend before her due date. She decided she couldn’t take the risk of me missing it and hired somebody else.

Somebody who happens to be a friend of mine.

So baby-having time rolled around and the photographer they hired found herself without a car the day they needed her. She called me and asked if I could do it instead. And in the end … I got to do the Fresh 48 after all!

Which was a lot of fun! Seriously this is something I would love to do more often. And I have to admit I really thought mom and dad would be disappointed when big sister (who is only 2) didn’t actually give two hoots about her new baby brother. But I was wrong! She loved him! I could tell how great of a big sister she is going to be.

Also … baby brother made a point to purchase his new big sister a super special fairy outfit (and crocs) which you will see her wearing … and dad as well. I don’t think he makes a habit of running around in fairy wings (but what do I know) but it’s clear that he’s a pretty great dad that he was willing.

newborn boy in the hospitaltiny newborn baby feetmom and dad with their new baby boyover dadmom holding her newborn sonbig sister coming into the hospital roombig sister seeing her new brother for the first timemom and little girl cuddling on the bedbig sister holding her new brother for the first timelittle girl with her new fairy wingsdad wearing new fairy wingsgrandparents holding the new baby

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Last weekend I had a family photos session with these baby planners. Little man was a bit sleepy but super sweet. He did really well when mommy and daddy were goofing around with him.

The funny thing about this family is that they introduced me to Chipotle during their newborn session and I’ve been completely obsessed with it ever since. Any time I have a session near one I go there. Such good food! So I suppose I am eternally in their debt.:)


baby sitting on a blanketfamily of three smiling at cameramom playing with her baby boydad kissing his sonnaked baby boy on a blanketnaked baby in black and white

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Last week I got to do newborn portraits for this family … again. I told them that I thought they might hold the record for most sessions but it turns out that they don’t. They DO definitely hold it for the most in a 2 year period of time, though. My first session with them was not even 2 years ago.

But I LOVE that. When I first met them, their oldest was only about 14 months old. She was SO easy it was shocking. The next time she was a little tricky, and most recently she was in her typically difficult (for her age) time. Well when I did this session with her baby sister she had just turned 3 and she was a perfect little angel. It’s just fun to see a family so much that I can notice all these little differences in the kids.

Mom was looking for a quick-as-possible newborn session this time around … and I think we managed it in 2.5 hours. She was equipped with backdrops, wraps, and hats! So everything in these images was all provided by her. But then I did meet with the woman who provided them and bought a bunch of stuff. So there’s that. Apparently I have no self-control.

She also GAVE me a purple blanket that worked as an amazing backdrop. So my little girlies (though they are few and far between this year) will be seeing it for sure!


newborn girl with mom on black backdropmom and dad holding newborn girl in black and whitenewborn girl with dad on black backdropnewborn girl on brown blanketnewborn girl sleepingnewborn girl in blue wrap on purple backdropnewborn girl in brown wrap on brown backdrop

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I recently met this family in the park for a family photography session, with their super adorable one year old daughter. She was way cute, and way sneaky. She was purposely hiding her little smiles from me. At one point she was sitting with her back to me, but facing her parents, and her parents were telling me that she was smiling away. But as soon as she turned, the smile was gone! Sneaky little girl.

I did catch a few though.

And she couldn’t manage to hold them back when mom and dad were swinging her around. So sweet.


baby girl smiling at the camerababy girl sitting on a stepbaby girlbaby girl walking with her daddybaby girl being swung upside downbaby girl walking with her parentsbaby girl looking behind her at the camerababy girl finding her belly buttonbaby girl playing with daddy

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I admit this was a little unexpected. A month or so ago, grandma contacted me about newborn portraits. I’d been photographing another member of the family for a year and she loved my work … but she lived really far away. 100 miles away to be exact. And after I told her what the travel fee would be I never expected her to hire me anyway. But she did!! So last week I packed up and drove an hour and a half to Conneaut to photograph this week little girl.

Yes! A girl! Imagine that! I can count the number of newborn girls I’ve photographed this year on one hand.

This was a fun session. Mom and Grandma had a lot of ideas and props they wanted me to use. They also had big brother who they NEVER thought would cooperate. But he did SO well that they couldn’t even believe it. And he’s so cute. I certainly hope I’ll be photographing them again cause I can only imagine how cute he’ll be when he’s not being forced to sit still.

Definitely worth the drive.


newborn girl on a pink blanketnewborn girl on a pink blanketnewborn girl with a princess crownnewborn girl with a bunny hatlittle boy on a black backdroplittle boy kissing his newborn sisterfamily of four on a black backdrop

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