Newborn Portraits in Crafton

This little dude is the new little brother of THIS little dude. I think they look alike. I love when I get to continue to photograph families as they grow. This will be my second family with back-to-back baby planners.

What is a baby planner, you may be wondering? When somebody comes to me for newborn, 6m, and 1y sessions. There are certain incentives involved. If you’d like more information, let me know!

And now to the pictures!

newborn boy on blue backdropnewborn boy on white backdrop in white wrapnewborn boy on blue backdropnewborn boy on blue backdrop, close-upnewborn boy in black and white on black backdropnewborn boy on black backdrop in superhero capebaby boy in cribnewborn boy with his dadnewborn boy with his mom

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Six Month Old Portraits in Gibsonia

Here is one of my adorable little tiptoes baby planners! He is six months old now. We ended up re-scheduling due to predicted bad weather the week before. It was supposed to be a primarily indoors session but I was worried it would be so dark (storms were called for) that I cancelled. It was a bad move because it ended up being only a little cloudy (I should really know better than to call off a session more than an hour or so in advance). BUT it actually worked out for the best because apparently he worked quite hard on his sitting abilities between that Friday and the following Tuesday and had become something of an expert by then.

And he let me hold him without objection. I love all babies who do that.


And if you’d like to see his newborn session … you can find those here.

baby boy with his hands in his mouth looking at the camerababy boy looking at his stuffed elephantbaby boy with his hands in his mouth smiling at camerababy boy playing with his floor matbaby boy playing with blocksbaby boy with his hands in his mouth, looking up at the camerababy boy with his feet in the airsilhouette of mom, dad, and baby boy

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Family Photography Session in North Hills

Love this family.

This is another one of my very long-standing customers. I’ve been photographing them for 5 years now (since my oldest daughter was born). Mom was the doula at my birth. I bartered photography for her services. That was one of the best business (and birth) decisions I’ve ever made!

Because they’ve been with me for awhile I’ve run into a certain challenge: older kids. As most of you know my typical age range is 0-5. Of course I have a few older kids but I always have to get more creative. You can’t tell an 11 year old to just run around and play. So I asked mom to bring along something that they loved so I could capture it. She chose instruments, books, and a camera. And of course the little one … I could just let her run and play.:)

I look forward to many more years with them.

three sisters reading a book togethersilhouette of girl playing a baritonelittle girl walking awaythree sisters sitting on a blanket being goofyblack and white girl playing guitar with sun flaremom and baby girl laughingblack and white family photoa goofy family photo

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Pittsburgh Family Photography Session

Love this family! This was a combo session for little girl’s 6 months and little boy’s 2 years. He, of course, ran around like a madman the entire session because that’s what little boys do. I expect she’ll be doing the same at her one year session. These two have the same age difference as my two girls and I can’t wait to see as their relationship develops. I bet in a year they’ll be such good friends!

Little man was also totally enamored with my light stand. I’ve never seen such infatuation from a little one. I showed him how it went up and down and he would gasp in amazement. I wish I could have got a picture of that face.:)


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In-Home Newborn Photography in Pittsburgh

How about this adorable little girl?? Mom and dad scheduled a rather last minute session with me and I’m so glad they did! I had a lot of fun at the session joking around and getting to know them. So sad they are moving in a month and won’t be able to become baby planners! This little girl was so good for me. I have this problem when little ones are super good I just go crazy and take a million photos instead of accepting the gift of what could be a short newborn session.:)

smiling newborn girl with her mom on black backdropnewborn girl on purple rose backdropnewborn baby girl on a stack of booksnewborn baby girl looking at the cameranewborn girl sleeping on white backdropnewborn girl on purple rose backdropnewborn girl with ninja turtle costumenewborn girl sleeping on a black backdropnewborn girl with her mommynewborn baby girl on her daddynewborn baby girl with her parents on a black backdrop, in black and white

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