The title of this blog post makes it sound like I did this session in a field. Or seven of them. But in fact there is a town called Seven Fields here near Pittsburgh. Who knew?

Anyway … I did this newborn photo shoot 2 weeks ago. Isn’t she so sweet? Her session ended up getting re-scheduled a few times due to be jaundiced but in the end it worked out. And look at all that hair!! That’s the kind that’s not going to fall out either. So if I have the honor of photographing this little cutie patootie again I bet she will have scads of it in a few months.:)


newborn girl on white blanket looking at camera - newborn photo shootnewborn girl on white blanket - newborn photo shootnewborn girl on white blanket with bonnetnewborn girl in basket with pumpkinsnewborn girl in basketnewborn girl on purple rose blanket

Carol Jahn -


Eileen Domachowski -

Seeing Olivia just made my day, again! Sending another quiet kiss!

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Yes indeed in Boston!! My best friend just had a baby, 2 weeks early, and she lives in Boston. So I hopped onto a plane and flew up there as soon as I could. I brought along the bare essentials for a newborn portraits session: 2 backdrops and my camera. It was a pretty rough set-up. But we made it work. And then of course we did some lifestyle as well.

It was so nice getting to spend the weekend with them, meet baby girl, and see her in her new role as mommy. I know she’s going to be a great one!

newborn baby on white blanketnewborn baby on purple blanketnewborn baby on purple blanketnewborn girl cryingnewborn girl with her parentsnewborn girl being held by her parentsnewborn girl looking up at the camera from daddynewborn girl looking at camera with parents in backgroundnewborn girl being held by her momnewborn girl being held by daddy

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Another graduating baby planner!! The year FLEW by for this little guy. I feel like I just did his 6 month session last month! So we did this cake smash session last week … he was so good! Typically for my cake smash sessions I’ll do a normal session followed by the smashing. He was so happy and smiling and running around … perfect little subject. And while he DID smash it cake quite well … the side closest to the camera looked pretty much untouched until mom and dad decided to give him a helping hand.


little boy laughing in a fieldlittle boy smiling at the cameralittle boy kissing his dadlittle boy hugging his momlittle boy on a bridge picking up a leaflittle boy looking out from a bridge with his momlittle boy walking awaylittle boy hugging his mom in a fieldlittle boy smashing a cakelittle boy eating a cake face firstlittle boy with a cake

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Oh how I love this family. Let me count the ways.:)Seriously though … this is the third/fourth year I’ve photographed them … they get cuter every year I think. The first year the youngest was just over a year old if I remember correctly. Now she’s four … and the changes are amazing! I’ve watched the kids go from being best buddies (year one), to her loving him (year two), to him loving her (this year) … I’m curious what the relationship will be next year!

This year mom said she wanted a covered bridge specifically. So … there aren’t a lot of those on this side of Pittsburgh. I asked around and was told there was a rather dilapidated, not-quite-a-real-covered-bridge, at Schramm Farms. Not quite real because you can’t actually drive through it and there’s no road. But it is a bridge with a cover!

So off we went to Schramm Farms for our family portraits. One side of the bridge was entirely overgrown and there were tons of crickets and grasshoppers hopping around in there. A little creepy for me … but the pictures turned out great!

Then the kids had fun running around … boy child especially enjoyed playing with the bugs, sticks, hay stacks, pumpkins, and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. He climbed to the top of the hay stacks and posed for me. He POSED for me. Oh how things change.


little girl peeking out the windowfamily of four standing in a covered bridgetwo children running in the grasslittle girl with her daddy looking at flowersboy walking through tall grassesboy posinggirl with her dad

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Last week I finally got to do newborn photos this sweet little girl (she took some time to make her appearance). Yes, another girl! That’s 3 in a row! Possibly more than I’ve photographed the entire rest of the year. Mom and dad were definitely NOT expecting a girl though. It was quite the surprise!

So this little one wins the award for “most awake baby.” I’ve had a handful of sessions in which I had to resort to a lifestyle session instead of a posed one … but this would be the first that the baby didn’t sleep AT ALL. Even after we switched to lifestyle she remained awake. It wasn’t until the very end of the session and I had actually packed up my stuff to go, that she fell asleep. So we plopped her down on the couch to take a few. She immediately woke up. But she still let us take the photos.

But … she was RIDICULOUSLY cute. And the house had amazingly gorgeous light. So it all worked out.

Enjoy. Especially the last photo. Extra points if you know what book he’s reading.

newborn girl smiling on the couchmom and dad cuddling with newborn baby girl on the couchdad feeding newborn baby a bottlenewborn feetbaby girl looking at her daddydad holding his new baby on the couchparents gazing at newborn girl on the couchmom holding baby girl in the rockermom kissing babyparents reading an inappropriate book to baby girl on the couch

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