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The Cousins!

This isn’t exactly a sneak peek since it’s basically the entire “session.” This past week I visited my family backView full post »

And the Winner Is….

Let me keep you in suspense for at least a moment (yes I realize you could just scroll down) … I got a LOT of excellent entries forView full post »

Pittsburgh Family Photographer: Sneak Peek! The Schenley Bowl

This family introduced me to the wonder of “the schenley bowl.” I’d been there before but never taken the time to observeView full post »


I’m having a contest!! Yay!! For what? Why for a free session of course! Here’s how it works. I am in search of some wonderfulView full post »

Shaler Children’s Photographer: Sneak Peek! And Baby Makes Three!

Or maybe baby makes five. I suppose it depends on how you look at it. In this case little Anna is lucky enough to have two older brothersView full post »

North Hills Children’s Photographer: Sneak Peek! Two Little Cuties

What a cute session this was! Two little ones only 18 months apart (the same age difference between my own kids which I’m quiteView full post »

Glenshaw Newborn Photographer: Sneak Peek! Little Lola!

Little Lola is a little girl who I am excited to say, I know for certain I will get to watch grow and photograph many more times (if youView full post »

Sneak Peek: Itty Bitty Baby

A few days ago I photographed a tiny little baby girl. She was born 6 weeks early and was not quite a month old yet. So despite beingView full post »

Sneak Peek: Whoa Big Family!

Or maybe it was a lot of average size families. But it was definitely the largest family group I’ve done aside from my own crazyView full post »

Sneak Peek: Maternity for a Friend

On Friday I went and did maternity portraits for a friend of mine. She has become a friend in the past 3 years. She was first myView full post »

Sneak Peek: A Snowy Maternity Day!

Many many months ago, only shortly after I began my maternity promotion, I got an e-mail from a woman who told me she was due in April.View full post »

Sneak Peek: More Maternity!

I confess, this is not a TRUE sneak peek. Mom already saw the pictures so she could approve them for public viewing. And it makes me soView full post »