About the Photographer

So you want to know about me? Great! I’m flattered! Well … my name is Danielle! I am married and we have two little girls who are currently ages 5 and 6. I started this business back in 2006, then took a little break from 2009-11 to have babies. I have a select few, very precious, customers that have been with me from the beginning!

Here are some random facts about me:

– My great-grandmother had my grandmother when she was 30 years old. My grandmother had my mother when she was 30 years old. My mom had me when she was 30 years old. This is the point where they realized the trend. Fortunately I lived up to it and had my second daughter when I was 30 years old. Now the pressure is all on her!
– I love to sew. My love started with sewing for my girls (which I still do all of the time) but I more recently discovered I love sewing for myself as well. At your session you should ask me if I made what I’m wearing because the answer is yes most of the time!
– Before I got married I was never very interested in cooking. It was actually when my oldest daughter started eating table food that I realized that I better figure it out. Now I love to cook and am just a little bit obsessive about meal planning and rarely making the same thing twice (except our select favorites). I also make as much as possible from scratch.
– I gave birth to both of my girls naturally. There wasn’t any real big reason why … I just wanted to know if I could. And it turns out I could.
– I ran a half marathon in 2012 for the same reason as above. And then an olympic triathlon in 2014. Apparently I like a challenge.
– I am horrible at keeping my house clean and would be totally willing to barter for a cleaning service! Anybody? Anybody?
– I went and lived in France from September 04 to May 05. I was “teaching English.” It was an amazing experience and I traveled a LOT (the French take 2 week vacations every 2 months) but I discovered that I am a horrible teacher!
– Left brain vs. Right brain? I’m both. The artsy side of me loves photography and sewing … and then there’s the part that loves programming and excelled at math in school. Whenever I take those quizzes to determine which side you are I always land solidly 50/50 smack dab in the middle.
– I am really bad at coming up with random facts about myself!

There you have it! And if you wanted to know more about Tiny Toes … well the rest of the site is about that. 🙂

Photo credit: Jessica Corbin Photography