You know why I love this family? Because they’re actors.

Okay maybe that’s not really why I love them but it’s why I love photographing them! They’re used to the stage. They’re used to performing! And where most adults (and many children) get really shy when a camera comes out (me included) … these guys just go along with it like nothing is new. They’re completely natural in their element and completely ignoring me … which when you’re shooting lifestyle is the entire point.

I asked them to bring something meaningful to this session so they brought their guitar which was PERFECT. Dad is teaching daughter how to play. She sat there and plucked at her strings for a bit but then was more content to get up and dance with mom … which was also just fine with me!

And when she didn’t want to sit still under the tree, they came up with a story about a princess on the spot (which of course was named after her) to make her laugh.

I am in love with these family portraits.

family playing the guitar outsidecloseup of little girls hands on guitarmom and daughter dancing while dad plays the guitarmom and daughter dancinglittle girl in a fieldlittle girl sitting and laughing with her parentslittle girl on a tireswing


This wasn’t just any old newborn photo shoot. I’ve been photographing these guys for years! The first time was when the newly minted middle-child was just a few months shy of 2 years old. And now she’s a reading first grader! They’ve always been a favorite family of mine. In fact, after this photo shoot when it came time to deliver the portraits we decided to meet up and let our kids play!

The newest little man in the house is going to be ready for anything! With two crazy older siblings to play with him, or throw him around, or tease him mercilessly, or be his best bud … I’m sure he will be well loved and very tough! I look forward to seeing them again!

brother imitating newborn brotherbrother and sister with their newborn brotherbrother and sister cuddling on the couchcloseup of mom and babydad and big brother playing with newborn babybig sister reading to her newborn brothernewborn baby in armsnewborn baby peeking over moms shoulderbrother cuddling his newborn brother on the bedlittle girl jumping on the beddad holding his newborn son by the window


Have I mentioned recently how much I prefer lifestyle photography over the old standard? Not only do I get to capture a REAL story … but there is virtually no pressure on the kiddos to perform. Cause let’s face it … kids don’t always want to perform (well, some do). This little girl very much had her own mind about what she would and would not do. And I sense that she would not have enjoyed us making her sit in one specific spot and smile for any more than 3 seconds.

She didn’t entirely trust me, as you can see from the photos. She kept staring at me with those big beautiful eyes wondering why I was still hanging around. Most little littles are pretty fascinated by my big black camera. And when they’re too tiny to understand explanations they just get to remain mystified. These days most kids don’t know what a classic camera looks like! They’re much more likely to break out a cheesy smile for a phone. I think this is to my advantage. One of my favorite stories is still the time when a 4yo girl who, when told I was taking pictures of her newborn sister, asked me where my phone was. 🙂

So in conclusion I got some beautiful photos of this adorable little girl for her first birthday. Many thanks to my stress free approach to photography. Mom and dad loved them so much they ordered an album that contained nearly all of them. pittsburgh-baby-photography-01pittsburgh-baby-photography-02pittsburgh-baby-photography-03pittsburgh-baby-photography-04pittsburgh-baby-photography-05pittsburgh-baby-photography-06pittsburgh-baby-photography-07pittsburgh-baby-photography-08pittsburgh-baby-photography-09pittsburgh-baby-photography-10pittsburgh-baby-photography-11pittsburgh-baby-photography-12


I love newborns!! Ever since I made the switch to photographing only lifestyle newborns I find that I really miss getting to hold my cute little squishies! The old way I spent the majority of the session cooing and rocking babies until they fell asleep. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy that. But I have discovered that now the ordering session is the perfect place to get my cuddles in! During this ordering session I got to rock baby boy while his parents picked out their photos. Perfection!

This session went really well. Mom and dad loved the unposed lifestyle approach and so did little man. And it’s fortunate because he was awake for most of it. He passed out at the very end. And mom and dad probably did too after I left!

Also, huge props to grandma who made the awesome Dr. Seuss quilt seen in one of the photos towards the bottom!


newborn boy with parents on the couchnewborn boy being held by his momnewborn boy staring at the cameranewborn boy lying on a bednewborn boy smiling at the cameranewborn boy in his crib in black and whitenewborn boy lying on a homemade quiltnewborn boy sleeping on momnewborn boy sleeping in his crib


Another first birthday! These guys chose to have their session at Frick Park within walking distance of their house. It’s great to have a beautiful park so close to home! I came to their house and we walked over then headed back home for a few around-the-house portraits. Little man was a champ. He got sleepy toward the end and mom and dad ended up putting him down for his nap before I even left. Certainly not the first time that’s happened!

baby boy standing with his mombaby boy looking up at the camerababy boy holding his moms handbaby boy being lifted in the air by his dadbaby boy reading with his parents in the parkbaby boy looking at his mom with a block on his headbaby boy holding a stuffed animalbaby boy reading with is parents