Dancing Photo Session in Valley Forge

I was recently back in my hometown of Phoenixville visiting my family for a couple of weeks. While I was there I had two sessions. This was the first. It was definitely out of the norm for me considering that I was not only photographing dancers but teenage dancers! I told mom ahead of time that she would be in charge of posing (I’ve never danced … not even as a tiny little girl) and I would be in charge of light. She agreed. It was a great time! It’s such a different experience photographing older kids … especially ones that LIKE to be photographed. If I could limit my repertoire to allow only teenagers who like having their picture taken … I’d do this a lot more often!

I was really struggling not to convert every single image into black and white with this session.

dancers feet black and white family of four in a field teenage girl doing a dance pose teenage girl teenage girl making a face

I couldn’t help it … this particular face was aimed at mom. I’m sure she sees it a lot and it’s important to capture everything right??

two dancers in door of abandoned greenhouse two teenage girls two dancers walking away holding hands

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