A Photography Project: 10 Words

I recently joined a photography group with many of my friends. The idea is that every month we will be given a word. It will be a happy word to help spread happy emotions. Each month, on the 1st, we’ll get a new word. And we can only use ONE picture to capture this word.

My word this month was Dream. As you can see I took it quite literally. But it’s not as literal as it may seem. Yes this is my daughter sleeping. Yes she is probably dreaming. But it’s not just that. It’s the whole scene. One of my dreams in life was to have a family. I wanted two little girls. And we all know how lovely our kids are when they are sleeping, right? 🙂 Anyway … my girls are my dream.

little girl sleeping in her bed

To see the other photographers that participated in this project this month you can check out our facebook page here. Keep a look out for my next word next month!