A Year in Review: The Best of 2012 with Tiny Toes Portraits

This past year was so incredible for me. I really want to thank all of my customers both new and old. I met so many great new people and had my busiest year yet! You guys are the ones that keep the people coming my way! I can’t say enough how much I appreciate all of the compliments and the referrals.

In honor of the new year I thought I’d do a year in review! My favorite image from every session I did (and blogged about) last year.

My first session of the year was maternity! There were a lot that I liked from this session but this was definitely my favorite.

Oh little Jaxon. This is the baby of a good friend of mine. She was supposed to foster him for a week and ended up adopting him instead. So I get to see this one all the time and let me tell you … he’s TOO cute!

I loved this woman because she was crazy and let me do pictures of her half naked in the snow. Actually it was her idea.

What an alert little girl! I got to do mom’s maternity (in 2011) as well and will hopefully be seeing these guys again in April for her first birthday! Can’t wait!

Some of my favorite people!! I can’t say enough good things about Vanessa and her family. This picture doesn’t make it terribly obvious but this was a maternity session and I had the pleasure of doing little Lola’s newborn and 6 month photos as well. You’ll be seeing her again in May!

Oh little Deklan. Isn’t he adorable? He only became moreso as I photographed him again at 6 months. We did another picture in this same bowl too.

Definitely one of my favorite images of the year. It just speaks to me.

What a sweetie. I would love to see her again! I’ve seen pictures on facebook and she’s adorable!

Here they are again! Little Lola and her amazing big sisters!

These guys were little balls of energy!! I got to photograph them again towards the end of the year (with new little sister and their little cousin too). Plus mom makes me laugh out loud every day with her tales of motherhood on facebook.

What a little personality! There were several from this session that I loved but I’ll show this one for now. 🙂 Another family that I would love to see again (hint hint)!

I loved this silhouette image from this session. They had specifically wanted the Pittsburgh skyline in the background (they moved away shortly after) and I thought this captured it perfectly.

The most impromptu session I’ve ever done (scheduled just one day before the session took place) but such a cute family!

I just love the way the baby is looking up at her mommy in this picture. I love capturing those looks.

Another family friend … this was for little Cash’s first birthday. Mom is a photographer too but it’s usually easier to have another photographer do your kids! She is expecting TWINS this month. I can’t wait to photograph them!

This image is actually from a huge family session of about 15 people … but THIS was my favorite of the whole set.

Yet another friend!! This little girl is 5 months old now looking more and more like her big sister every day.

Little man wasn’t too keen on the sleeping idea but in the end we convinced him and got some adorable pictures. Most memorable about this session was his big brother though … and his refusal to allow me to touch anything of his. It was very amusing.

Gotta love that expression.

Is it weird that my favorite picture is of her feet? Well it is. This is from her one year cake smash session.

This one was from my contest winner session. I LOVE the relationship captured in this image. My favorite thing to photograph.

Mini session! Again … it’s all about the relationship. Love this one.

Ah Milo and his big blue eyes. This was the third time I photographed this little guy. The first time was in-utero and the second was newborn. He is, I believe, 14 months here.

The way he is looking at her … doesn’t it just make your heart melt a little?

Reid!! I love photographing him every year!

SO sweet.

Little Deklan again! He looks so bewildered I love it.

This makes me want to photograph my kids with their grandparents more. I LOVE this one and I hope it’s a huge canvas on their wall.

Little Lola again! Can’t get enough of her.

Relationships! Relationships! It’s all about the relationships I say! Don’t you love this?

There were a lot of cute ones from this session but these were her very first steps and I can’t believe I got to capture them! How special! By now I’m sure she’s running amok.

Love this family. Love photographing them.

Hello blue eyes.

You know what I want to say about this, right? I am excited to be able to see these guys again! They are baby planners!


We worked HARD to get this shot. And it was worth every second.

And that’s it! My year in review!! I just LOVE what I do and I can’t wait to keep doing it! One of my resolutions this year is to have 10 more sessions than I did last year. I’m off to a good start! My first session of the year is in three days. I can’t wait to share it!