1st Birthday Pictures in Canonsburg

You know what I love about my baby planners? Well … lots of things. But one of the many things is how I see them for their newborn session which is always at their house. Then the 6 month session is often NOT at the house. So I don’t see their home for an entire year and when I come back I get to see the pictures I’ve taken all over the place. It makes me so happy. I truly love what I do.

My most recent graduating baby planner! She is so sweet. Her home was absolutely slathered with toys that she’s got from Christmas and her recent birthday. A far cry from one year ago. She was not a big fan of the snow (it’s hard to be when you can barely move in your snow suit … but it sure is cute!). She is a big fan of her puppy. And, of course, her cake. And baths. 🙂

baby girl playing with a toy mirrorbaby girl playing on her toy carbaby girl playing with her dadbaby girl reading a bookbaby girl feetbaby girl getting tickledbaby girl playing with her toysbaby girl playing with toy horsesbaby girl and her parents reading a bookbaby girl kiss facebaby girl playing in the snowbaby girl in the snow with her dogbaby girl smashing a cakebaby girl photos taking a bathbaby girl getting dry after her bath