Baby Planner Six Month Old Photo Shoot in Sewickley

It’s another one of my wonderful baby planners! This little man currently (and hopefully forever) holds the all time record for longest newborn session ever. At six hours long! He owed me after that.

And he paid his dues! Cause I absolutely LOVE this session. He was so good and cooperative. Somehow this session lasted only 45 minutes (I really don’t know how that happened) and yet we got a ton of awesome pictures! I can’t wait until his one year session. I hope he is as wonderful as he was this time.

And by the way … so stinkin cute.

profile of baby boy in black and white baby looking up at the camera baby being help up in the air by daddy baby sitting under a tree baby swinging in black and white baby playing with christmas lights black and white profile of baby on a bed baby on bed with santa hat

It so looks like he is looking at Santa doesn’t it?? I love this.