Baby Planners One Year Photo Shoot in Pittsburgh

This wasn’t your ordinary baby planner one year photo shoot. Because these were some back-to-back babies!! I did the baby plan for the oldest and immediately after for the youngest. So this was my 6th session with this family in 2.5 years! It’s a good thing I like them! 🙂

After photographing this family so many times I’m very used to what I can expect from the boys. The baby is a happy little guy with a quick and easy smile. Big brother tends to be much more solemn and serious. But this was the first time since his own 1 year photo shoot that we’d done the pictures in their house … and apparently that made a big difference! Because he was happy as a little clam! He got to play with his toys and basically ignore me which made him very happy indeed. I was very pleased with how these photos turned out for them.

And hopefully, even sans baby plan, I will get to see them again at least once a year! Yeah, that’s a not-so-subtle hint.


little boy sticking his tongue out at the camerababy boy smiling with mommom and her boys in the play tentbaby boy looking at his toymom laughing with her little boybrothers sitting togethermom reading to her baby boylittle boy jumping into daddy's armsbaby boy with big smilesbaby boy getting kisses from mombaby boy looking out the window