Baby Portraits in Mellon Park of Pittsburgh

Look at this little guy. He was so ridiculously sweet. Though I do believe the first half of the photo shoot all of my photos are of the back of him as he walked away from me as fast as he possibly could. Eventually he warmed up (they always do!) and let me capture his charming little face. He was so curious about everything. Ah to be a baby where everything in the world was new. Don’t you wish you could capture that feeling and experience it again?

Afterward at the ordering session mom and dad were thrilled with how perfectly I had captured him. They said it just looked so much like him and his little personality was shining through. And that right there is pretty much my main goal. They change so much, so fast as babies it’s so important to capture them as much as you can. And at this speed it can be hard to do with a cell phone!

Enjoy these baby portraits!

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