Beautiful Family Photography in Mount Lebanon near Pittsburgh

What a beautiful photo session this turned out to be!! It was re-scheduled once and then could have ended up being yesterday (you all know what lovely weather we had yesterday!) but mom had the good sense to contact me to please re-schedule to Friday. What a gorgeous day!! It was early so a bit chilly and the grass was dewey but the sun was shining. And I found a great new location thanks to her!

Little Alex turned one on Sunday. Happy birthday to Alex! She was an excellent little subject. I think I could easily post all of the pictures that I took that day but I’ll settle for four.

photo of mom lovingly holding baby

engaging family portrait

baby girl on the steps in the woods

baby girl dressed as a lobster in a big pot

Admit it, she’s the cutest lobster you ever seen.

As always, if you’d like to schedule your own photography session don’t hesitate to contact me!!