Children Photography Session in North Park of Pittsburgh

Last weekend I photographed this beautiful family. It was really supposed to be only the kids but the parents came prepared too, just in case. And I’m so glad they did because I convinced them (it didn’t take much) to get in a family photo which ended up being one of my favorites of the bunch. This dad in this family is brothers with two other dads that I have photographed this past year … and now I have photographed them all! How lucky they are to all have little ones that are all so close in age!

I showed the first three on facebook already but I just love them so much I had to share again.

brother and sister standing by a lake. a family in front of a lake laughing brother and sister laughing in the grass little boy brother and sister flying through a field little girl looking over a bridge

There was actually a little boy down in the water fishing with a net which worked out well for us because he kept the attention of the kiddos while I got my pictures. 🙂

brother and sister feet on a bridge