Children’s Photography Session in North Park of Pittsburgh

I have to confess … when this mom contacted me I was a little nervous. Three boys … all older than I would typically photograph (without a baby attached). Boys are notorious for having those awful cheese smiles and I guess having 2 girls I am not as able to relate to them.

But MOM saved the session because she didn’t care if the boys were perfect and posed. I proposed a mud session to her (which turned into a creek session) and she thought it sounded fantastic. I really can’t ask for more than a mom who is happy to let her kids get dirty for pictures!

And on top of that, these boys were fantastic! I didn’t even want to leave at the end I was so enjoying them. I suppose there are some benefits to photographing older children … they can have a conversation with you. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂

three boys posing together a boy by a tree black and white three boys in the creek from above a boys hand holding rocks

He spent the whole time in the creek collecting these, and then saved them all at the end.

three boys splashing in the creek a boy pulling on his brothers hand three boy feet