Cold Weather Family Photo Session in South Park near Pittsburgh

Brr it was a cold day! Okay it wasn’t THAT bad but you know the beginning of the cold weather and we’re all a bunch of weaklings that don’t know how to handle it? And then winter passes and our same 40 degree day comes and we’re all running around without coats saying “wow it’s so NICE outside!!”

Okay that had nothing to do with photography but it’s true. You know it.

So this was one of the first 40 degree days and it felt cold. Little man was cold too. In fact the session was kind of cut short because of it. His little face was turning red! So as a result we are having a second half of the session this upcoming week. And I get to use a photo location I’ve been dying to use for quite awhile so yay! So when you see this same little guy in a week or so … that’s why! Cause yes there will be a sneak peek from that one too!

Despite the cold and his slowly reddening features, he was a good sport. He lasted a half hour before he started complaining and that’s good for a six month old! He is one of my little baby planners so I took his newborn photos too and you can see them here! In fact he was, hands down, the easiest and quickest newborn I’ve ever photographed. And he still seems to have that cool, calm, laid back attitude! It will be interesting to see him at one year!

baby boy in a blue hat

Did you see him in this hat from the newborn session??

photo of a smiling family with a baby

baby boy playing in the leaves

black and white photo of baby hands holding a leafIf this were in color you’d see how red his little hands were!

photo of a smiling baby