Colorful Children’s Photography in South Side area of Pittsburgh

Wow! This is the fifth year in a row that I’ve photographed little Reid! In fact back when I wasn’t promoting Tiny Toes at all and doing very little business when my girls were born, they were one of my very few customers. I enjoy getting to see them every year and make a special card.

Yes I do sell cards! I not only design cards that you can print on your own, but I will also print them for you. If you’re interested just shoot me an e-mail!

Anyway, little Reid is getting bigger and bigger! Hair aside, he looks hardly like the same little 2 year old I photographed all those years ago. We’ve gone through some interesting times. The very first year I was working at Janie and Jack doing some work on the side when his mom found out about the unique cards I designed. She decided to hire me to design some for her. And every year since I see them again! The second year I very distinctly remember him signing to me that I should leave about 5 minutes into the session. You see, Reid has something called apraxia which means that he has a lot of trouble speaking. I said last year that it’s fun I only get to see him once a year because the improvements he makes are so drastic to me. Last year he said several words to me. This year he didn’t talk much (he signed) but at the very end of the session his mom told him to say “thank you for taking my picture” (or something along these lines) and he did!! Even just last year I don’t think he could have. It’s amazing the strides kids can make.

You can see Reid’s session from last year here.

And without further ado … the sneak peek!!

little boy in front of very colorful wall

boy in front of colorful wall

boy on crates in front of colorful wall

a boy playing in the rocks

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