CONTEST!! Find Me an Indoor Space and Win a Free Session!!

It has come to my attention that I desperately need to find some indoor shooting locations. Not just because we are (probably) coming up on some average 20 degree temperature days and I’d rather that NOT mean the end of my sessions for 4 months … but because sometimes it rains. And sometimes it’s not convenient to re-schedule when it does. But I have NO indoor locations in my reperatoire and I need some. And I need YOU to help me find some. Here’s the criteria.

1. Must be indoors. That doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be heated or anything … just protected from rain.

2. Good window light. Yes I do have a studio light and of course I would bring it but I would prefer there be some good natural light to start with.

3. Free. Feel free to suggest places that aren’t free but I’ll probably choose one that is.

4. Not trespassing. Accessible at all times.

And that’s it!! This contest is going to run from tonight until next Friday evening (the 14th) and then I’ll take another week to look at all of the suggested locations. The winner will get a complimentary session!! You can suggest as many places as you want. Just leave a comment here or on facebook. So get started!!