Contest Winner! Pittsburgh Family Photographer

On Tuesday I finally got to do the session from my contest winner. It was for an adorable little 2 year old boy with his mom and dad. These are people I’ve actually met before, as it turns out. They are not-too-frequent members of the mom’s club of which I’m a member. We have crossed paths once or twice before (this isn’t the first time this has happened).

Little Jack was SO cute!! At first he wanted not much of anything to do with me. He wouldn’t talk to me or look at me. But by the time we went to the playground I was okay in his eyes! I love doing portraits at playground honestly. As long as they aren’t too crowded (this was was empty until the very end) kids act like themselves there more than anywhere else! And that’s what I love to capture. Kids running around and being the crazy little kids that they are.

Before we headed to the playground we did get a lot of good portraits of little Jack and his family in the contest winning location (then I had my mini sessions there a few days later!). After every single “pose” he would ask “playground?” and start to walk that way.

I also realized on this visit to Frick Park that I literally used to live about 3 blocks away from this place and I never knew it. I knew Frick Park was there … but the part I could see was behind a wall and I never bothered to venture inside. My loss for sure! What a beautiful location!