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This is a brand new segment with Tiny Toes. My kids LOVE to cook with me but there’s so often nothing that they can do. I admit I let my kids do more than most moms would let their kids do in the kitchen … but I’m still not willing to let them cut veggies and that often encompasses a lot of our meals. So I decided that every other week I would have a meal that they could make with very little help, start to finish.

The first week we decided to make ricotta gnocchi’s. We got the recipe here. I’ll copy and paste the ingredients for simplicity sake in case you’d like to make this with your kids!

Point of reference, my kids are 3 and 4 years old and they did this almost entirely alone.

1 cup all purpose flour (see note)
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
1 cup whole milk ricotta cheese
1 large egg
1 tsp lemon zest (only the yellow part of the skin, use a microplaner)
1 tsp sea salt

*I used all whole wheat flour.


The ingredients. The parmesan is in that blue tupperware (I buy it from Labriola’s and grate it in bulk), and whole wheat flour is in the coffee tin.

little girl cracking an eggMy daughter, at 4, is an expert egg breaker. She rarely leaves a shell behind.

little girl dumping flour in a bowlI let them scoop out the flour, and dump it into the bowl. They scooped it out using soup spoons.

little girls scooping ricotta into a measuring cup

little girls scooping ricotta into a measuring cupNext the ricotta cheese.

measuring the ricottameasuringmeasuring the saltAnd the salt. The more you let your kids do this stuff the better they will get. Mine have been baking with me for awhile.

in the mixerTurn on the mixer and let ‘er rip!

3 balls of doughAfter it’s done mixing form 3 balls. I did that part myself so they would be even.

rolling out the dough snakesAnd roll them into snakes! My 4yo was much better at this than my 3yo. She ended up doing both. I had one as well.

rolling out the dough snakesrolling out the dough snakesshaping the gnocchi'sMy part. I cut the snakes into one inch pieces (or shorter … I don’t recall) and the girls rolled them out a little more so they’d be skinnier. If the snakes had been skinny enough in the first place that wouldn’t have been necessary.

a gnocchiall of the little gnocchi's I had them put them all onto a cutting mat so I could easily transfer them to the boiling water.

the finished productThe finished product with a side salad!!

While all this was going on, I had water set to boil on the stove. When you put the gnocchi’s in you let them come back to a boil. Once they float to the top let them boil a few minutes longer and then they’re done! I served them with a basic pasta sauce and parmesan cheese.

The girls loved making it! If you have any great kid dinner recipes to share, let me know, and maybe yours will be next!