Crafts with Kids

This isn’t JUST crafts with kids. This is home decor at it’s finest. 🙂 My oldest daughter (she’ll be 5 this month) LOVES to draw. She draws/colors/paints constantly. Her teachers say she’s at the art table more than anything at school. Each day she comes home with a few drawings. And she’s even getting to a point of being able to draw things that are recognizable. BUT because she’s constantly creating new art … I just can’t keep it all. I’ll put a piece on the fridge for a bit and inevitably it will fall of and then I throw it away and replace it with something new.

But I like to do special pieces too. And I like to work them into the photography I display on my walls as well. I think it works quite perfectly.

So a couple weeks ago I had to order some sample canvases as I’m starting to do in-person sales and I need a sample to show people what they’re ordering. Well I decided it would make the most sense if I bought canvases of my own kids so that when I’m not showing them to customers, I can keep them on my own walls. So I got a big gorgeous 20×30 and two 11x14s to go under it. Beautiful.

Oh. Except that I failed to measure my vertical space and the 11x14s don’t fit under my big gorgeous 20×30. My bad.

So instead I took my 11x14s to my bedroom. In there I already had hanging 2 11×14 photo canvases and 2 11×14 art canvases painted by my girls a year and a half ago. I realized that based on the layout I was using the only thing that made sense was to replace the art 11x14s with my two new photo canvases. But because I love having their art somewhere “official” on the wall I decided I had to replace them. So off I went to Michaels and bought 2 18×24 canvases for them to paint.

And then OBVIOUSLY I photographed them painting them.

I would really recommend this as a way to decorate your walls. It’s so nice to integrate kids art into your wall portraits. And honestly the canvases you can buy for them are SO cheap you can replace them every few months if you want! I think I got a 2 pack for $14 … and then I used a 50% off coupon. What would really be cute is to order a bunch of 12×12 photo canvases and mix them up with 12×12 art canvases. Oh the possibilities! Enjoy. seven bottles of paintlittle girl painting a picturetwo little girls painting pictures at the tableplate of paint photographed from abovelittle girl painting photographed through paint bottleslittle girl painting a picturetwo little girls painting in black and whitelittle girlyoung girltwo young girls paintingtwo girls painting photographed from behindlittle girl crying

The inevitable melt-down.

little girl painting with focus on paintbrush20x30 canvas on the wall

The 20×30 canvas that now hangs alone … but looks awesome doing it.

canvases on the wall

See doesn’t it look great?? The bottom left and top right are the new photo canvases.