My Own Family at Kennywood

You heard about the event, right?? If not … go HERE FIRST. Because I really don’t think you want to miss this!

But enough about that and more about the WHY. Why am I doing sessions at Kennywood? Why am I trying to raise money for charity? Both very good questions.

Honestly I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do sessions at Kennywood. Every year since my kids were teeny tiny I’ve taken my camera to Idlewild or Kennywood and photographed an entire day there. I LOVE these photos. And not only do I love looking at them but I love taking them. I have captured some truly fantastic moments from these trips. And because we’ve always been either Idlewild or Kennywood members, it is a big part of our summer.

That one is from 2014 and it’s one of my very favorites. I have it printed and on display.

And why the Free Care Fund at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC? Well guys I work with kids. And sometimes those kids aren’t too healthy. Or sometimes they just have a rough start at life. And I know that CHP does AMAZING things for these families. I also know that sometimes a family can’t afford to pay. But in my mind, money should never be a concern when your kid is sick. A parent should NEVER have to choose between getting care for their child or being able to pay for the roof over their heads.

So it was simple really. I want to do good. I want to help sick kids. And I want YOU to have the same amazing memories captured at Kennywood as I do every year.

Don’t you??

I knew it. Go here to sign up for more info.

Or here to nominate a CHP family.

And now you can enjoy more of my favorite pictures from over the years.

best friends hugging at kennywoodlittle girl on a ride at kennywoodlittle girl and father on a ride at idlewildlittle girl at idlewildtwo kids in the cars at idlewildlittle girl on the merry go round at idlewildlittle girl measuring herself at idlewildlittle girl on the merry go round at idlewildlittle girl waiting in line at idlewildYou can even be adorable waiting in line! This was 4 years ago!

little girl on the kid roller coaster at kennywoodfamily on the water ride at kennywoodgrandma and kids getting splashed at kennywoodlittle girl on the airplanes at idlewildlittle girl eating ice-cream at idlewildIce cream is better when you let your entire body enjoy it.

little girl in the cars at kennywoodlittle girl on the swings at kennywoodfamily on the kangaroo at kennywood at nightlittle girl waiting in line at kennywoodthe goodnight sign at kennywood