Family Photo Session in Venetia near Pittsburgh

I met this adorable family last weekend. The little boy immediately stole my heart as he showed me his mini drum set and proceeded to tell me, in great detail, all about each one. Apparently he plays the violin too but I didn’t get to see that! I may have focused on photographing him more than I was supposed to. Sometimes I just can’t help myself!

They lived in one of the most gorgeous homes I’ve ever seen. Everything was so perfectly done including the landscaping in the backyard, the amazing swingset, and the murals on the wall in the nursery. It’s like it was made for them! But they said it was all like that when they moved in.


silhouette of little boy playing the drums mom reading to her two kids in a rocking chair mom holding baby girl little boy sitting on a soccer ball little boy kissing his mommy brother and sister on backs shot from above