Family Photo Session in Round Hill Park

This family photo session started with a bit of a surprise when I found my family. For some reason, in my mind, they had a two year old child. And yet here I was presented with a seven year old! My brain doesn’t always work properly.

But what a pleasant surprise! I don’t often get to photograph kids this age and I have to say it’s always so much fun when kids can actually hold a conversation. He told me all about his friends, his school, his sports … well he just really enjoyed talking. And I love a kid who knows how to have a good talk. When I told him to run up the hill and back, as I often do because kids are cute when they run, he BOOKED it faster than I’ve ever seen a kid run. Only one of those pictures was even in focus he was going so fast (seen below). When we got the playground we had to tell him he had to walk everywhere just so I could keep up. And he was so sweet trying to do all the letters of the sign language alphabet.

I really enjoyed this session and I can’t wait for their ordering session next week!

little boy on the slidelittle boy talkingboy smiling at the cameraboy looking over the fencepittsburgh family walking down a pathboy playing at the playgroundboy trying to do sign languagefamily sitting in the grasslittle boy runninglittle boy counting on his fingers