Family Photography Session in North Hills

Love this family.

This is another one of my very long-standing customers. I’ve been photographing them for 5 years now (since my oldest daughter was born). Mom was the doula at my birth. I bartered photography for her services. That was one of the best business (and birth) decisions I’ve ever made!

Because they’ve been with me for awhile I’ve run into a certain challenge: older kids. As most of you know my typical age range is 0-5. Of course I have a few older kids but I always have to get more creative. You can’t tell an 11 year old to just run around and play. So I asked mom to bring along something that they loved so I could capture it. She chose instruments, books, and a camera. And of course the little one … I could just let her run and play. 🙂

I look forward to many more years with them.

three sisters reading a book togethersilhouette of girl playing a baritonelittle girl walking awaythree sisters sitting on a blanket being goofyblack and white girl playing guitar with sun flaremom and baby girl laughingblack and white family photoa goofy family photo