Family Photography Session with Grandparents in Allison Park, PA

I can’t pretend I wasn’t surprised to hear from this mom again so soon. She just had me photograph her two little ones back in May (where did this summer go?? It felt like it was just last month) and contacted me again to photograph them again, only also with their cousin, new little sister, and their grandparents.

I’m not going to lie … going into a session with 4 kids and the oldest is 3 and the youngest is 3 weeks … it’s a little intimidating. You have to have a sense of humor, be ready for anything, very much on the ball, ready to make a complete fool of yourself (or in my case have somebody else do it for you), and just not take everything too seriously. Cause while you might get that absolutely perfect picture where all four kids are behaving perfectly and smiling and sitting still … it’s much more likely to happen if you go about it in a non-stressful way.

Fortunately for me, this family was excellent at that. The baby was screaming her head off and mom says “oh I don’t care take them anyway.” I say, that’s how you know you have three kids!

In the end I think we got a lot of cute pictures. And the actual purpose of the photo session was pictures with grandma and grandpa … and we definitely got some winners there! In fact one of my new favorite images came right from this session. I already shared it on facebook but I have to share it here as well.

photo of a boy sharing a moment with his grandpa

See doesn’t it just tug at your heart strings?

picture of 9 month old girl smiling

photo of 18 month old girl smiling

picture of boy with his grandparents

picture of four grandchildren with their grandparents