Family Photos in Boyce Park

Last week I finally got to do these family photos! These guys are friends of mine … in fact the mom watches my girls whenever I am working out for my triathlon (which is in a week!!) and sometimes during sessions too. She’s probably my biggest fan and we finally got this session to happen! Yay! I hope that they were all she was envisioning.

I also made the mistake of bringing my own kids along on this shoot. It was at 7pm and while my father-in-law usually comes over to watch the girls (or sit while they sleep) for night sessions I thought I could bring them along this time. That was a big mistake. They acted like complete lunatics the entire time, going so far as to climb on me when I was lying on the ground getting a shot, and bounce up and down on my back. So for all of you who are embarrassed about your kids and think they aren’t behaving for their pictures … well you should have seen MY kids! 🙂

They won’t be accompanying me again anytime soon. of four walking in a fieldfamily of four standing in a fieldbrother and sister lying in the grass looking at each otherbaby girl riding on the back of her big brotherbaby girl looking to the sidemom holding up baby girl in the sunlightyoung boy hugging his dad