Family Photos at Cranberry Park in Cranberry Township

This was not my first time photographing this family. But it was my first time at this park! I can definitely see myself using it again. And what an amazing playground it has! If I lived anywhere near it I would be there all the time!

The last time I did family photos with them, it was little man’s first birthday … so they’ve changed a bit. Neither of the kids remembered me at all. But it made me realize how much I enjoy working with slightly older kids. Obviously they’re still little but old compared to my average clientele. I had so much fun working with these two. Such funny little personalities! I was laughing out loud editing the photos at the antics of the little girl … they really shone through in the images! They were just such perfect little goofballs for this session. I know that parents sometimes fear that means that their kids are being uncooperative and horrible but trust me when I say … unless your kid is outright being obnoxious and mean … I LOVE their crazy behavior. That’s what they act like right? So that’s what I want to capture!

And I’ve yet to photograph an obnoxious and mean kid. 🙂


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