Family Portraits at Hartwood Acres of Pittsburgh

How lucky are we?? Hartwood Acres is pretty much THE hottest place to family portraits in all of Pittsburgh. On any given summer or fall evening you will find roughly 20 photographers wandering the grounds. But in the morning? Well that’s a different story. It was just me and this wonderful family here. And we got to explore! I finally ventured down to the barn which I’d somehow never seen before. These guys tagged along quite willingly!

Plus … this little girl. The very first thing she said to me was “I like your shirt!” She didn’t know that I had made my shirt and it was the first time I was wearing it so even from a 5 year old it was very nice to hear! She then immediately followed that compliment with “I love your hair!” Not knowing that I had JUST dyed it red for halloween and wasn’t exactly in love with it (it has since grown on me). You know those people who are just REALLY good at giving compliments? They’re usually people who are also really good at sales. This kid is one of those people. And she continued to be a very talkative delight for the rest of the session as well.

And her little brother! Who just smiled anytime I got near him! What a sweetie! I wonder if he will be good at the complimenting game once he becomes a little more verbose.

To top it all off … mom and I really clicked as well. I think we should get our kiddos together to play! My daughters will love relentlessly picking up her son and I can see all the girls really getting along. So hopefully there are many more photo shoots to come with this family!


little girl standing in a fieldbaby boy holding his parents handsfamily photo at hartwood acresbrother and sister walking together holding handsfamily photo at hartwood acresmom and daughter laughing togetherbrother and sister playing in the leavesbrother and sister laughingfamily reading a book under a treelittle girl walking on a fallen tree