Family Portraits at Highland Park in Pittsburgh

You know why I love this family? Because they’re actors.

Okay maybe that’s not really why I love them but it’s why I love photographing them! They’re used to the stage. They’re used to performing! And where most adults (and many children) get really shy when a camera comes out (me included) … these guys just go along with it like nothing is new. They’re completely natural in their element and completely ignoring me … which when you’re shooting lifestyle is the entire point.

I asked them to bring something meaningful to this session so they brought their guitar which was PERFECT. Dad is teaching daughter how to play. She sat there and plucked at her strings for a bit but then was more content to get up and dance with mom … which was also just fine with me!

And when she didn’t want to sit still under the tree, they came up with a story about a princess on the spot (which of course was named after her) to make her laugh.

I am in love with these family portraits.

family playing the guitar outsidecloseup of little girls hands on guitarmom and daughter dancing while dad plays the guitarmom and daughter dancinglittle girl in a fieldlittle girl sitting and laughing with her parentslittle girl on a tireswing