Family Portraits in North Park

Two weeks ago I had the honor of photographing this family again. This is my fourth or fifth session with them … and with number 4 on the way I’ll just be seeing more of them! But that’s great because I love this family! In fact, mom even watched my girls while I went to Brand Camp back in May … which means she had them overnight.

They are so laid back and fun. When we got to our original destination in North Park and discovered that it was completely overgrown and closed (it’s an island and the bridge was blocked off) … they just rolled with it. We went a little ways down the street until I found this place so we pulled over and did some photos! After just letting the kids run for a bit, we decided to jump in the creek! Well … the kids did more than jump. I think you could legitimately say they were swimming in it. Among other things.

It was a lot of fun … but now I may understand why dad has never become come to any of our sessions before. It may be awhile before I see him again. 🙂


three kids making funny faces with mom and dad in the backgroundfamily of five in a fieldthree kids playing ring around the rosiebrother and sister holding handsbaby girlboy and girl running into the sunsetfamily of five holding handswalking with mom and dad in the waterlittle girl kissing her pregnant mom's belly