Family Portraits in Round Hill Park

I’m getting so behind on the blogging these days. This session was a month ago, and mom and dad already have their pictures … but here I am just now blogging about it. Oh well some day I will catch up, right?

I did family portraits with these guys a year ago as well and oddly the weather situation was very similar. It was a dreary rainy day but we decided to do it anyway because it wasn’t raining at the moment. So off we went … and part way through the session it started to rain. So we ducked into a barn and did some portraits in there. Turns out the light was actually gorgeous inside! When it cleared up (only about 5 minutes later) we headed back out and did some more. Last year the same thing happened but hiding under a tree was adequate while we waited for it to pass. Maybe one of these years we’ll actually have nice weather … 🙂


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