Family Portraits at Schramm Farms

Oh how I love this family. Let me count the ways. 🙂 Seriously though … this is the third/fourth year I’ve photographed them … they get cuter every year I think. The first year the youngest was just over a year old if I remember correctly. Now she’s four … and the changes are amazing! I’ve watched the kids go from being best buddies (year one), to her loving him (year two), to him loving her (this year) … I’m curious what the relationship will be next year!

This year mom said she wanted a covered bridge specifically. So … there aren’t a lot of those on this side of Pittsburgh. I asked around and was told there was a rather dilapidated, not-quite-a-real-covered-bridge, at Schramm Farms. Not quite real because you can’t actually drive through it and there’s no road. But it is a bridge with a cover!

So off we went to Schramm Farms for our family portraits. One side of the bridge was entirely overgrown and there were tons of crickets and grasshoppers hopping around in there. A little creepy for me … but the pictures turned out great!

Then the kids had fun running around … boy child especially enjoyed playing with the bugs, sticks, hay stacks, pumpkins, and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. He climbed to the top of the hay stacks and posed for me. He POSED for me. Oh how things change.


little girl peeking out the windowfamily of four standing in a covered bridgetwo children running in the grasslittle girl with her daddy looking at flowersboy walking through tall grassesboy posinggirl with her dad