Family Reunion! Glenshaw Family Photographer

Yesterday I got to photograph another big family!! It wasn’t quite as big as the last group and not nearly as many children (only three this time!). They were referred by a friend and customer of mine. That is the biggest compliment of all when you refer me to a friend!

This group of 11 mostly reside in Pittsburgh it seems but some came from far so it was important that it worked out! The original plan was to stay in their backyard but that was relatively quickly ditched for the park that was apparently a five minute walk down the street (and also a 5 minute drive since you can’t just drive through the woods unfortunately). It was beautiful!! I would LOVE to have that place be a five minute walk from me. We trekked pretty far into the woods looking for a waterfall that turned out to be more like a small trickle. Oops. I guess it needs to rain more. Although we had a pretty good idea what to expect when the creek we were walking by the entire time had no water in it …

Anyway I really enjoyed this family. They had good senses of humor and knew how to make fun of each other. That’s always important in a family! Actually one of them even made fun of me … 🙂


This was one of the very first ones I took … and also one of the only ones she actually looked at me. Isn’t she beautiful? Look at those eyes!