For the Fourth Year Running …

I got to photograph my buddy Reid! Well this is actually the first year he seemed to not mind that I had the nerve to come take pictures of him. In fact he wanted to take some himself!

This is the fourth year I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Reid. I met him and his mom when he was 2 years old and I was doing some contract work at Janie and Jack. His mom hired me to design some cards for them and the rest is history! Every year since, hugely pregnant or not, I have photographed him and designed cards (last year I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time). Admittedly I don’t do much of the designing since Reid’s mom seems to have been a professional card slogan writer in a past life. Anyway … this year marked Reid as the child I have photographed the longest, and the most times (aside from my own of course).

You can tell from the images that he has quiet a bit of energy! Enjoy!