Holiday Mini Photography Sessions in Pittsburgh

Last weekend I held my holiday mini sessions. I had originally planned NOT to do them at all this year but decided it would be a nice idea just for my baby planners who didn’t happen to have a session that fell near the holidays. I then opened the remaining slots to everybody else … and I think that’s what I’ll do every year!

What I didn’t expect was a blizzard. Okay it wasn’t really a blizzard. But it sure looks like it in some of the pictures!! I also didn’t realize how much snow can play with your focus which resulted in some surprises for me. But in the end I think we got a nice collection of photos for each family that came.

And next time I’ll wear gloves.

little boy looking up parents and little boy on a log family walking away with baby looking back at camera pre teen girl two little kids in the woods mom and two kids posing in the snow sad baby boy with his parents baby boy looking sad