Indoor On-Location Photography in Glenshaw near Pittsburgh

Little Lola is six months old!!

I’ve known Vanessa (mommy) for 3 years now. She was my hypnobabies instructor when I had my babies and also my doula. Back when I first took her hypnobabies class I took a chance and asked if she’d be willing to barter the price of the class for a photo session. She took me up on it and I’m SO glad she did! Vanessa has become one of my best customers and I think has referred more people to me than anybody else. Not only that but I’ve been able to actually keep in touch with her the past three years, watch her children grow, and really get to know her.

The second time I bartered for her doula services I said to her, you can hold onto this session if you want if you have a third baby. She said no … she didn’t think she was going to have anymore.

Well lookie here! It’s a third baby!! I did Lola’s newborn pictures too which you can find here. And it thrills me to no end that I get to photograph little Lola every 6 months. And that Vanessa got that third baby I know she REALLY wanted. 🙂

And what a cute one she is!! Apparently she looks just like her oldest sister. I don’t see it. But then she is 9. Babies and 9 year olds don’t often look terribly alike.

Anyway … here are the pictures!

baby in a bowl

baby's eyes through a hole in her toyDad wanted me to get some “around the house” portraits of Lola doing just what Lola does. She is in her jump-up here.

black and white photo of baby lying on her stomach

baby lying on her side sucking her fingers

She had her fingers in her mouth for at least an hour of the session.

baby's feet and hands

Now tell me … which Lola song do YOU have in your head?