What to Expect

What can you expect from Tiny Toes Portraits? A portrait session like you’ve never done before.

I don’t do posed. I don’t do stiff. I don’t do “stand here and say cheese!” I capture YOU. I capture your family exactly as they are. Doing what they do. I capture the little girl jumping on her bed. I capture the little boy who is convinced he is a dog. I capture your first real moments with your new baby. I capture family memories. Family traditions. Those moments that you never thought “oh I should get out my camera and get a picture of this …”

That’s what I capture.

So you’ll never forget what they were really like when they were brand new. What they were like when they were so innocent and everything was exciting. What you were like as a new parent. When they were so little and sweet and goofy and your heart was overflowing with love (and your mind with frustration). It seems impossible to forget but really it is so easy.

So this is what I do. We will plan everything ahead of time and pick the perfect location for you. That may be your home. It may be somewhere else … a location that means something important to your family. I’ll have a questionnaire for you to complete, or we can talk about it on the phone if you prefer. I will capture your family for an hour or two exactly as they are. And we will decide how to best save these memories for you. Will that be an album? Or maybe a wall display?

In the end, you will have portraits that you will cherish forever. So contact me to arrange this fantastic and unique photo session!