Kids Photo Session in North Park

Last weekend I did a photo session with this sweet family. Baby girl, big brother, and big sister. It wasn’t my typical session only because I rarely photograph 12 year olds. These guys were SO good! It is hard to just sit and smile while everybody tries to get your baby sister to laugh … but they did it perfectly! Next time (oh yes I said next time … I’m presumptuous) we will get some more interactive shots.

This location is one of my favorites though I have to say I was more than a little disappointed to find it TOTALLY overgrown! Last time I was there, less than a month ago, the path was wide enough for a family of 5 to walk side by side holding hands. This time it was wide enough for ONE. The spot I love so much was just grass. TALL grass that went over baby girl’s head. So what did we do? Well naturally … we just mowed it with our hands. While dad ran ALL THE WAY back to my car to fetch the camera battery I’d forgotten (oops) me and the big kids picked grass. So … thanks for being such good sports about it guys! Hopefully that will change or I’ll have to start bringing along my weed wacker.

And the pictures …

baby girl looking at flower little girl in field serious face baby girl holding her brother and sisters hands three kids in a field three kids looking into the distance

If you’d like for me to photograph YOUR family, please contact me today!