Large Family Photo Session in Fox Chapel

My last session of last weekend was this large family group! I’ve photographed the one family before (the one with the kids, obviously) a little over a year ago when baby girl was a newborn. It was nice to see them again! These boys are SO cute it’s ridiculous. They’re astoundingly cooperative and just adorable to boot. I could photograph them all day long.

This was a fun group to photograph. They had a ton of ideas for their large group shots. There’s normally not a ton you can do with this many people but I think we got at least 6 different poses (not all shown here obviously).

a large family sitting on a wall grandparents sitting on a bench three little kids sitting on a bench four adult sisters black and white family laughing on a swingset

These guys are so photogenic … what a gorgeous family they are.

little boy swinging baby girl sitting on a wall in black and white