Large Family Photography Session in Mount Pleasant

On Sunday afternoon I had a session that, I must admit, I was a little afraid of! One of my baby planners approached me about photographing her extended family. That’s fine. I’ve done large groups before. But she said it was almost definitely going to have to be INSIDE. And that’s where I got worried. Not knowing what the light would look like in that room … I made no promises. But much to my delight, it turned out to be great!! A wonderfully bright room with a GIANT bay window to light it. A perfectly placed bay window, too! Of course I did make them move what was apparently a VERY heavy television for these pictures … the men may not have enjoyed that too much.

So this is not my typical style as you know I don’t usually do so much posing … but with such a large group and in such an environment there’s little else to do. So here’s a small sneak peek of the big group!

little girl crawling on the floorShe decided she was leaving the group.

 small family in front of the fireplace seven small children sitting on a couchAren’t they adorable?

 little girl posed on fireplaceShe would have happily let me take her picture all day!

 very large family in front of fireplace