Lifestyle Birthday Party Portraits in North Park

This family is my best customer. No doubt. No question. I don’t even have to count (although I should because I’m curious). They’re not my longest running customer … but they made up for it in quantity in a short period of time.

I’ve been photographing them for 3 years now. I still remember their first session because I was amazed at how well their then single 14 month old child sat still and smiled so beautifully. She was quickly followed by a little sister, and then another little sister just a year after that one. So now they are 3 girls! And THIS was their joint birthday party.

I admit I don’t frequently do birthday party portraits but I’ll do pretty much anything for my best customer! Plus I knew most of the people at the party because I’ve photographed most of them too.

PJ Masks was the theme! This was something I’d never even heard of at the time … and yet now my own children are asking for PJ Masks dolls for Christmas and they’ve never even seen the show! Weird how that works. Anyway … much fun was had. Races were run. Superheroes were pinned. Pinatas were beat open. Cake was eaten. Bikes were ridden. Everyone was happy.


three sisters holding handspj masks cupcakespj masks cookieslittle girl riding a bikelittle girl eatingtwo boys playinggirl carrying around her cousinlittle boy in sunglassestwin girls playingpin the tail on the donkeypin the tail on the donkeylittle girl hitting a piñataboy hitting a piñata all the candy from the piñata on the groundthree sisters waiting for their cakelittle girl eating her cupcake