Lifestyle Family Photo Session

Last weekend I went to Kansas City for a friend’s wedding. I happen to have another friend who also lives in KC … and I kindly invited myself to stay at her house. Aren’t I nice? She is much too sweet to turn me down so I got to crash on her couch. Fortunately I was able to return the favor when I found out that she was interested in having a lifestyle session done. And I’m interested in practicing! Yay! Win win.

So Friday night she came and got me from the airport. It was late so her three young boys were at home asleep. When they woke up in the morning, there I was on the couch! A complete stranger! Her middle boy walked right up to me and stared at me, a bit baffled, and I said hi to him … and he turned and RAN back up the stairs crying for mommy. A good first impression. The oldest boy did not even LOOK at me until I had been taking pictures for probably 2 hours. The baby liked me (and the middle one did warm up to me eventually).

The new one is going to be a girl. Says me.

Anyway this was my first lifestyle session that I did that wasn’t MY family so it was a learning experience. I loved doing it! Apparently I left an impression on the boys that I take a LOT of pictures. That I do. I also am not entirely sure how to share them. Since I’m trying to tell a story (the story of their average morning) … sharing just 4 or 5 pictures like I usually do isn’t quite adequate. So I apologize because I’m about to share a LOT more than that. 🙂

a day in the life in pittsburgh little boys at breakfast table a day in the life in pittsburgh little boy opening the door for his dadDaddy escaped at the very beginning of our morning so this was the only picture I managed to capture. little boy looking at a dvd felt mr potato head little boy playing with felt toyseveryday photography pittsburgh little boys watching tv  little boy playing with his spray bottleHours of fun with dollar spot spray bottles! Who knew? little boy and a spray bottle little boy feets little boy and a spray bottle little boy playing with water baby boy playing everyday photography pittsburgh  baby boyHe went and took a nap after this. little boy wearing potato head glasseslittle boy reading with his mom  little boy reading with his mommy little boy about to bakeIt’s cookie makin’ time!! little boy being excited

I’m pretty sure he was saying here “I LOVE cookies!” measuring cups little hand dumping flour  little boy baking with his mom little boy licking his finger lifestyle photography pittsburgh little boy cracking eggs with his mom

Mom has way more guts than me. She actually let him crack the egg. 🙂 little boy grabbing chocolate chipsDUNN134 little boy making cookiesDUNN138

One of his favorite things to do is copy. In this case he was copying the Toy Story 3 cover.little boy making a facelittle feetwhiteboardlittle boy and his mommy

If you love this style of photography as much as I do, please contact me and we can set up a lifestyle session for your family! Sleeping on your couch not required.