Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session in Churchill

Last weekend was a super busy one! I started it off with this session … a newborn lifestyle session! I love doing lifestyle and I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like so this was a real treat for me! Baby girl was 6 weeks old. When I first arrived she wasn’t too happy to see me. She cried and cried and ate and cried and got changed and then she was happy. This is the story of the couple hours I spent with them (and I would imagine a pretty typical day with their newborn).

baby girl screaming mom holding baby girl daddy and crying baby rattle with daddy and baby in background baby feet baby girl getting a bottle parents reading baby a book baby girl on playmat baby girl on play mat baby girl getting her diaper changed

Diaper changing time! I capture it all.

 baby girl lying on changing pad baby girl with her mommy baby girl lying between her parents newborn girl sleeping in her crib

At the very end of the session she fell asleep in her crib … for the first time ever.

 baby girl sleeping