Lifestyle Photography in Pittsburgh

I am doing a workshop this week. Or I believe it’s technically called Focus Group with Learn Shoot Inspire. It’s for lifestyle photography and is being run by a wonderful photographer by the name of Deanna McCasland. It’s only been going on for 3 days but I’m having so much fun. This is definitely something I’ll be adding to my repetoire.

So what is lifestyle photography? Well for some sessions you might say it’s what I already do. Basically I photograph families/kids just doing what they do. I will say “go stand over there and play with that” for lighting purposes but otherwise don’t do a lot of directing. It’s more of a fly-on-the-wall type of style. So say for instance you want me to just capture you playing with your kids, or baking something (as you’ll see here), or just something that you do as a family that is super special to you. It’s more of a photojournalistic style and it’s all entirely natural light.

Well for practice purposes today I had my kids bake some cheese crackers. It was a super cloudy day so not a lot of light was coming in our windows so I dragged our very messy table right up against the window (and put the mess at the other end of the table). Making the crackers probably took about 5 times longer than it normally would have since it was just me setting everything up and then saying “wait! don’t dump that yet! wait! don’t turn that on yet!” as I scurried around to the other side of the table to take a picture.

Anyway … I am just learning … but here is a glimpse of lifestyle photography with my two little girls baking cheesy crackers.

little girls looking at candy land characters

These are the candyland characters that are going to help us.

little girl covering her ears because of blender

Because I am trying to steer away from processed foods we grind our own wheat flour from wheat berries. Aria thinks the blender is too loud.

two little girls covering their ears

little girl flying her toy aroundFlying candy land character around … obviously this is far more important than the crackers.

little girl about to pour flour into the bowl

About to dump in the flour.

two little girls looking into the bowl

little girl putting butter chunks in food processor

Next step, butter chunks. This was also the point I realized this was supposed to be done in the food processor.

little girl pouring cheese into the food processor

Last ingredient: cheese!

little finger turning on food processor

Turning it on …

watching the food processor spin

Look mommy it turned into a ball!

little girl playing with cracker dough

Time to roll out the dough into a cylinder!

rolling out dough

rolling out dough

little girl with cracker dough

little girl showing her dough

Look at the dough mommy!

little girl showing her cracker dough

little girls showing their crackers

The final product ready to go into the oven (since I had to cut them we don’t have any pictures of that … but they placed them on the tray).

little girls and crackers

little girl looking in the oven

Watching them cook …

little girl looking in oven

 crackers fresh out of the oven

The final product! I know they look the same.

 Really here I SHOULD have a picture of them eating the crackers but by then I’d already put the camera away and it was dark.  And that is lifestyle photography! I’m pretty new at it and learning learning learning but I think I like it! And this is definitely something I will be offering. Let me know if YOU like it!

And if you’re interested in that recipe you can find it here.