Lifestyle Photography with a Newborn in Pittsburgh

Last weekend I had a lifestyle session with this little family. We weren’t able to get together sooner than baby girl was 4 weeks old so we sort of did lifestyle as a default since she was too old for posed pictures.

When I first got there she was fast asleep in her bassinet. I took her out, laid her on the bed and did some pictures, then brought her downstairs for some sleepy pictures with mom and dad. Shortly after that she woke up. It’s amazing the difference in alertness between a 1 week old and a 4 week old.

family sitting on the couch focus on a stork with family in background with baby shirt of baby girl mom holding baby by door in black and white

I just loved the way she curled up in mom’s arms.

mom and dad holding baby girl baby girl on monkey blanket baby girl close up newborn girl getting a bath in the sink

Mom told me that the house has been in the family for generations and that every kid has been bathed in this sink. I’m so glad I got to capture this!

newborn girl being bathed in the sink newborn girl bathing in sink crying dad holding baby girl from behind dad playing with baby girl newborn girl dad brushing baby girl's hair mom and dad reading a book to baby girl mom holding sleeping baby girl

That’s called a milk coma. 🙂

mom holding baby girl who is looking at the camera