Little Man – Oakmont Children’s Photographer

Is he not adorable??

This cute little guy is the son of a very good friend of mine. She also happens to be a very successful local photographer and could probably have taken her own son’s pictures … but in all honestly it is SO much easier to have somebody else photograph your kids!! We actually exchange family photography every year at Christmas. She also happens to be expecting twins (yay!!) and I can’t wait to get to photograph those little bundles!! I have only had the honor of photographing twins twice before and neither were newborns. It is something I’ve always wanted to do.

But back to this little guy … he turned one last month so this was his first birthday session. His mom told me the whole time that she “wasn’t a photographer today.” I’m pretty sure it’s not actually possible to turn that function off in your brain (if only!). And I noticed a few times she pointed out some areas of nice lighting. 🙂

These were taken at the same place as my last session! In the woods of Oakmont. What a great location!! And he, like most babies, was a great little subject for about a half hour. Then he became much more interested in exploring (which he couldn’t really do since he had no shoes) and eating his hands. Oh well. That happens.