My Little Model – Penn Hills Children’s Photographer

My baby girl!! So as you may or may not know, one of my favorite hobbies is sewing. I do it almost every day. And my favorite thing to do is sew for my daughters! For awhile I’ve been trying to get different pattern makers to let me test their patterns (that is, get a hold of it before it’s out for purchase and let the designer know how it fits) and finally I found one! This adorable pattern is from Peek-a-Boo patterns. This dress, the Brooklyn dress, isn’t out yet. But once it is, it will be FREE! So if you are a seamstress like me then by all means you should head on over to their pattern shop and see what other adorable items they have in their store. And at the very least, you’ll soon be able to get this free pattern there!

In the meantime, I have concluded that I must not photograph my youngest daughter enough. I put this dress on her, took her out in the yard, and instructed her what to do. She did all of it, happily, without question, and with perfect attention. I told her to look someplace and she did. I told her to look at me, and she did. This is only shocking because she is MY daughter. Normally a photographer’s child is so completely immune to the camera that they don’t even notice once you’ve brought it out and certainly refuse to look at it or cooperate in any way. I know my older daughter (she’s 3) is like that. The fact that my little one (22 months) still follows direction perfectly just means that I need to photograph her more! Right??

Any chance any of my readers are pattern designers or boutique owners and need a photographer? I’d be happy to work with you!!