Newborn Portraits in North Hills of Pittsburgh

I love newborns!! Ever since I made the switch to photographing only lifestyle newborns I find that I really miss getting to hold my cute little squishies! The old way I spent the majority of the session cooing and rocking babies until they fell asleep. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy that. But I have discovered that now the ordering session is the perfect place to get my cuddles in! During this ordering session I got to rock baby boy while his parents picked out their photos. Perfection!

This session went really well. Mom and dad loved the unposed lifestyle approach and so did little man. And it’s fortunate because he was awake for most of it. He passed out at the very end. And mom and dad probably did too after I left!

Also, huge props to grandma who made the awesome Dr. Seuss quilt seen in one of the photos towards the bottom!


newborn boy with parents on the couchnewborn boy being held by his momnewborn boy staring at the cameranewborn boy lying on a bednewborn boy smiling at the cameranewborn boy in his crib in black and whitenewborn boy lying on a homemade quiltnewborn boy sleeping on momnewborn boy sleeping in his crib