On-Location Indoor Photography in Allison Park near Pittsburgh

On Saturday I got to see this little man again!! I had the honor of photographing him for his newborn session back in May. Man has he gotten cute! Not that he wasn’t then but he is just getting cuter every day! He has some seriously adorable little chub rolls too.

For his newborn session mom came SUPER prepared with more props than I’ve ever had for a single session before. She had me all hooked up on pinterest with all of her good ideas she wanted to do. We had photographed little man in a bowl and in a toy dump truck just to name a few. Well she brought them along again! Wow what a difference! I can’t wait to see him in these things at one year! He may have to wear the bowl on his head cause I’m not sure he’ll be fitting in it.

Check here for his newborn session.

And enjoy this very brief sneak peak of his 6 month session!

portrait of baby boy being kissed on both cheeks by his parents

Love the expression.

portrait of baby boy crying lying on his belly

Being a model is hard work!

Look how much he’s grown!! Compare to the tonka truck picture from his newborn session.

portrait of baby boy looking at himself in the mirror