One Year Birthday Portraits in Pittsburgh

Have I mentioned recently how much I prefer lifestyle photography over the old standard? Not only do I get to capture a REAL story … but there is virtually no pressure on the kiddos to perform. Cause let’s face it … kids don’t always want to perform (well, some do). This little girl very much had her own mind about what she would and would not do. And I sense that she would not have enjoyed us making her sit in one specific spot and smile for any more than 3 seconds.

She didn’t entirely trust me, as you can see from the photos. She kept staring at me with those big beautiful eyes wondering why I was still hanging around. Most little littles are pretty fascinated by my big black camera. And when they’re too tiny to understand explanations they just get to remain mystified. These days most kids don’t know what a classic camera looks like! They’re much more likely to break out a cheesy smile for a phone. I think this is to my advantage. One of my favorite stories is still the time when a 4yo girl who, when told I was taking pictures of her newborn sister, asked me where my phone was. 🙂

So in conclusion I got some beautiful photos of this adorable little girl for her first birthday. Many thanks to my stress free approach to photography. Mom and dad loved them so much they ordered an album that contained nearly all of them. pittsburgh-baby-photography-01pittsburgh-baby-photography-02pittsburgh-baby-photography-03pittsburgh-baby-photography-04pittsburgh-baby-photography-05pittsburgh-baby-photography-06pittsburgh-baby-photography-07pittsburgh-baby-photography-08pittsburgh-baby-photography-09pittsburgh-baby-photography-10pittsburgh-baby-photography-11pittsburgh-baby-photography-12